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Website Hosting

So you just got a brand new modern website, and now you need to host it? These days sites need much more than just a simple server from the big name shared server hosts (i.e., GoDaddy). Why? Your users and Google's search algorithm both care about every second they spend waiting for your page to load, its security, and if it's up to date. See what we offer and how it helps your business grow


Did you know 70% of users said they would leave a site if it doesn't load within 3 seconds? 40% Said if it didn't load in 2 seconds! Not to mention Google takes note of this when they are ranking your site in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). We offer services to drastically increase your speeds. Our site loads in just over 1 second!

Dedicated Servers

We are now using dedicated servers, which means we don't share an IP or hardware with any other companies or sites. This allows us more control over keeping you off of spam lists, as well as avoiding getting thrown in with "bad-sites" in blacklists. This often occurs with shared hosting like Go-Daddy. Site speeds are significantly faster since you are not sharing server resources and bandwidth with thousands of other websites. Did I mention we run all SSD servers for even higher tier performance?

Content-Delivery Network

We can now implement what is called a Content-Delivery Network or CDN. A what? It's just a fancy way of saying lots of servers all over the world delivering your content to users. Standard hosting is typically on one server in a place like Dallas or New York. So a user in Washington will have slower speeds because the server is further away. We allow your site to, essentially, be served on servers all over the world, so when someone tries to access your content, they see it faster.

Speed Optimization Service

Every time someone visits your website they request resources that the server delivers to them, such as pictures and files (code). Your browser then downloads these files and reads them to your screen, voila! A website. With over 50% of the internet using mobile devices now, the size, format, and caching of these resources have never been more important. Not only will our services decrease your websites load times, but it will also cause less strain on data sensitive mobile plans with limited data packages.

Monthly Backups

Weber Design offers monthly backups with our hosting. We backup your site to redundant offsite servers to protect your investment in case of catastrophic server failure, security breaches, and more. You've invested a lot of money in your businesses online presence; we invest ourselves into keeping it safe. We also offer higher frequency backups for those of you with more frequent updates to your website.


In today's age hacking of websites has become big business. Everything from Man-in-the-Middle attacks stealing financial information to ransoming websites has been made possible as technology grows. We help you secure your site and your users information.

SSL Certificates

76.7% of the Internet's users are using Google Chrome. Google has been tightening the noose on HTTP protocol and has announced that late 2017 they will be making sites that don't have SSL certificates have pop-up's warning users that the site is insecure. Pretty soon they will ramp this up to more severe "punishments" for not going HTTPS. They are now even giving slight rankings boosts to people with SSL's. SSL's protect your site and users from hackers intercepting transmitted data (forms, credit cards, passwords, etc.). Let's secure your websites data transmission today.

CMS/Code Updates

With the massive amount of leaps and bounds technology makes a day it's no surprise that code updates too. Many of our clients (about 85%) run on CMS's (Content Management Systems). These platforms enable things like blogs, galleries, and other types of posts to be made by our clients without the need to learn code or pay us to do it for them. But like anything with code, websites and CMS's need to be kept up to date as new technology is created, security exploits are found, and industry best practices change. We offer low monmthly packages to make sure your website is always up to date.

Website Hosting Cost

*Custom Pricing Available


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