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Interested in this position? Please read every word below, and if you think we’re a match made in heaven, please apply with the form on this page.


Simply to build websites based on provided PSD’s. We have plenty of opportunities for you to branch out if you’d like.

What We’re Looking For (for this particular position)

  • Someone intuitive and that doesn’t need constant direction. This is a remote position and requires you to be self-sufficient, we’re here to support you as needed, but sometimes you’ll need to take the reigns and make decisions.
  • A developer who likes to build bug-free, responsive websites that incorporate basic On-Page SEO standards.
  • Someone who is comfortable learning new things on a regular basis. SEO, Development Frameworks, and our own standards change, and we want someone who can adapt as we grow and improve.

Who We’re Not Looking For (for this position)

  • We do not want “In-the-box” developers who want to stay in their comfort zone all the time.
  • No demo editors. We often will use themes as frameworks, but if you are expecting the job to require importing demo assets and drag-and-dropping your way to completion, this position may not be for you.
  • A “code monkey” who doesn’t think about the design and user experience.


  • A focus on the details (really… pay attention to the details if you want this job)
  • USA Residents only

If You’re a Good Fit, You Probably

(If these aren’t you, that’s ok, identify what doesn’t fit with us and we can look together at whether its a deal breaker)

  • Thrive working independently
  • Strive for continuous self-growth (keeping yourself up to date and learning new things)
  • Find yourself evaluating websites and their user-friendliness/effectiveness
  • Are comfortable with IM tools, email, video calls, and the phone
  • Genuinely care about clients (people) and not just getting things done
  • BTW: when applying, use the referral code “weber-design”
  • Love working remotely

What It’s Like Working Remotely with Weber Design

Work from anywhere: We think you work better where you are comfortable

Equipment: You’re required to have your own computer but whether you use Mac, Linux or Windows is not our concern. Whatever you are most comfortable with. We do provide third-party tools such as Adobe Photoshop as needed.

Structure: while our team works from anywhere, we are a high-performance team that collaborates intensively internally and externally. This requires structure such as regular morning kick-off video calls and communication via Slack. Make sure to tell us if you like brown M&M’s. This is not a freelance gig. It’s a full-time position in a growing team. We will work with students to fit their schedules for the right applicant (hint hint you RPT’ers).


You tell us what you think is reasonable.


Location: Remote
USA / Canada Residents: Candidates for this position will be USA or Canadian residents